In 1948, Frankie appeared in a film called Angels' Alley.  Quite fittingly, Darlene Darro's precious cat is named Angel.  So this page is Angel's Alley where we will feature photos of Angel.  Check back each month for more pictures!

September 2009

Angel believes in sharing!

August 2009

Too much fuzzy lovin' for the camera to handle!

July 2009

You can never have enough pillows!

June 2009

A perfect little Angel!

May 2009

There's nothing like a good scratch!

April 2009

Blending into the bedspread!

March 2009

Sleepy time!!

February 2009

Angel sleeps soundly under photos of Darlene's father, Frankie.

January 2009

May you have lots of wonderful
things to celebrate in the New Year!

December 2008

Angel wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!


Angel doing what Angel loves best . . . sleeping!!!

Angel is love!!!

Inquisitive Angel

Angel loves to soak up the sunshine!

Happiness is a rug of one's own.

Happiness is also finding a warm, sunny spot.

Always make time to play!

Is it time for my nap yet?

Angel, Queen of her Domain!