The following are some vintage articles and photos published about Frankie.  Many thanks to Wade Ballard for supplying many of these wonderful articles!

Text reads: In happy days growing up these six kid actors got together during a Boy's Week to tell of their YMCA activities.  BUCK JONES, Universal ace Western star introduced them to the NBC radio audience - little SPANKY McFARLAND, with a gun in his hip pocket, FRANKIE DARRO, DICKIE MOORE, JIMMY BUTLER, DAVID HOLT and FREDDIE BARTHOLOMEW.

THE MAYOR OF HELL (1933) With Frankie Darro and Madge Evans (Cagney on the left, of course!)

Text reads: Frankie Darro shows Clark Gable the correct way to make love to Claudette Colbert.  Frankie is working on "No Greater Glory," at Columbia, while Clark and Claudette are making "It Happened One Night," at the same studio.

Text reads: Frankie Darro was born in a circus tent, and so being upside down means nothing in his young life.  (Note Frankie's blonde hair in this strange picture!)


    May I voice an opinion?  It's just that Mickey Rooney's mugging and lack of restraint are slowly wearing me down.  Why not give the handsome Frankie Darro an even break?  His performance in "Juvenille Court" alone made the picture worthwhile, but then his ability has saved more than one picture from being a total loss.

    Juveniles may come and go, but Frankie Darro goes right along, giving the same, fine, competent performances year after year.  No flash in the pan, this boy.  And to top it all, he's the only youngster on the screen who has ---- glamour!

Deena Ward,                                                           
East Newark, New Jersey                                


This article shows Frankie with his first wife-to-be, Aloha Wray,
as they file their notice of intention to wed.

From the archives of the San Francisco Examiner, this photo with the above copy attached to
the back shows Frankie on his wedding day with his first wife, actress / dancer Aloha Wray.