Now's your chance to play junior detective and help us solve some mysteries involving our favorite juvenile star!  We need all of your sleuthing prowess and film history knowledge to help us unravel these enigmas, so check out the photos and information below and if you have any information you think may be helpful, just e-mail us and we'll share it with everyone!  Feel free to run these by your film buff pals as well, we can use all the help we can get!  Thanks, Junior G-Men!  You are serving your website proudly!

These two photos show Frankie doing a comedy routine with another man.   We know Frankie did an act with
Jackie Moran, but this is another actor.  Do any of our brilliant Junior G-Men out there know who this performer is?

We unfortunately only have a portion of this unusual photo which shows Frankie sporting
a cotton candy beard in front of a group of girls and a dog.  It's possible this was either
intended as a publicity appearance or an advertisement.  The cans read "Remar Candy,
Oakland."  The Remar Bakery and later the Remar Candy was opened by a man named
Jacob Paul Rettenmayer, best known for being president of the Acme Brewing Company.
Apart from that we know very little, so if you can shed any light on this unique photo,
or who else may have appeared in it and was cut out, please let us know!

This is a newspaper clipping from Frankie's early career, but we
don't know which film this is from!  If you have any idea, let us know!

October 1st, 2009: Wade Ballard let us know that this photo is from the silent film Moulders of Men.  The original article this photo was attached to read "Frankie Darro is being starred by F.B.O.  He is shown, right, as the crippled urchin in "Moulders of Men."

This looks like a scene from a very funny movie co-starring
a young and precocious Frankie!  If you have any idea who
the male actor is who's trying to give Frankie a bath, or think
that any of the plots of Frankie's movies might fit this picture,
please let us know!

November 18, 2009: Junior G-Man Jim sent us his guess about this photo: "When looking at the attached
still, the man holding Frankie struck me as being rather Eugene Pallette-esque ("My Man Godfrey,
"The Lady Eve.")  A joint search of Frankie and Pallette on the IMDB shows that the two worked
together in one film, 1927's "Moulders of Men."  The IMDB lists no plot synopsis for the film,
and even the American Film Institutes's Guide came up empty.  I know it isn't much to go on, just a hunch."

We're pretty sure this still is from a Frankie Darro silent movie, but we're not sure which one.
The caption reads "Mother cried all the time - she said we'd be better off in the river."  The number
is very hard to make out, but appears to be 1185-17 or 185-17.  If you recognize either of
the two male actors in this still or know the plot of a Frankie film this image might fit, please let us know!

We've been trying to identify this still for some time.  We think it is from a very early
Frankie Darro silent film.  The only part of the number we can make out looks like 86- or 861.
Anyone have any idea who the male and female actors in this scene are?

Here is another still from an unidentified silent film starring Frankie.  If you
recognize any of the actors in this scene or the movie itself, let us know!
We're thinking it might possibly be from Judgment of the Hills?

January 1st, 2009: Junior G-Man Jim sent us his guess as to the answer to this mystery still.  He writes: "I think the man with the beard in this photo is Wallace Beery. It seems that Frankie and Beery made two silent films together, and the plot synopsis for "So Big" fits the setting of your still. Let me know what you think:

SO BIG (1924)

Colleen Moore may have been The Perfect Flapper, but as an actress she longed to spread her creative wings. She insisted on portraying the lead character in this adaptation of Edna Ferber's novel a 19th century girl doomed to a life of drudgery, who ages over 30 years throughout the course of the film. While So Big made a credible show at the box office (and Moore received accolades for her performance) it didn't compare to the block-busting sales of her flapper comedies. Selina Peake (Moore) lives a privileged existence until the death of her father (Sam DeGrasse). The girl is shocked to discover that he was killed in a gambling den, and she is left without a dime. She goes to work as a school teacher in a Dutch colony at High Prairie and marries Purvis DeJong (John Bowers), a farmer who is none too bright. The one light of her life is a son, Dirk. After Purvis' death, Selina is forced to sell vegetables door to door. She is finally given aid by the father of an old school chum and after much hard work she manages to make the farm turn a profit, which enables her to send Dirk (Ben Lyon) to school. He becomes an architect and has a romance with Dallas O'Meara (Phyllis Haver), an artist. But Pauline Storm (Rosemary Theby), a married woman who has helped him, convinces him to run off with her. Selina discovers the plan and begs the illicit pair to reconsider. Pauline's husband (Henry Herbert) walks in and threatens to name Dirk as corespondent in a divorce suit. Selina talks him out of it and Dirk returns to Dallas.

We think that Jim has indeed solved this mystery, as the woman in the photo does look like Colleen Moore, and we agree that it's Wallace Beery in the photo as well!  Thanks, Jim!

We're curious to know if this still of Frankie dressed as a young George Washington
shown chopping down a cherry tree is a publicity still or from an actual movie.  If
you have any idea where this may be from, let us know!

We have been trying to identify the source of this photo of a
young Frankie with an unknown girl for some time.  If you can
shed any light as to where this photo may be from or who the
girl might be, let us know!

After all this time, we are still trying to confirm if and where Frankie Darro appears in the movie The Ten Commandments!  We've heard he is credited as playing a slave and appears in a scene with Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer, but several of us have searched the movie repeatedly and can't find them for certain (we've had LOTS of suggestions, but nothing concrete).  If you know where they are in the movie and can direct us to that scene in the movie please let us know!  Thanks!!!

Have an answer for us?
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We will add more unidentified photos in the coming months!