The following are links to websites relating to Frankie Darro or subjects which may be of interest to his fans, as well as links to companies which sell Frankie's movies online:

Frankie Darro's page at the Internet Movie Database.

Frankie Darro's page at Wikipedia.

Long-time fan John Gloske has been working on a book about
Frankie and has now set up this website about the project. offers the best site on the web for finding anything you’re looking for, and their classic movies page has great links to many fan clubs and websites for classic stars and movies!

THE gathering place for fans of movie serials with DVDs for sale!

The official site covering the authentic descendents of Hollywood's greatest dog star, along with information about ArfKids, which provides Service Dogs to disabled children at no cost!

Brought to you from the authors of the definitive Bowery Boys book, this website has updates on the actors from this popular series!

Lists all of the various Dead End Kids / Bowery Boys films and more!

Detailed and fun blog covering everything Bowery Boys, Dead End Kids, etc.!

Pam Munter's website, promotion her book about The TeenAgers, When Teens Were Keen.

A terrific tribute to Tom Tyler . . . just keep clicking next for more info (and when you're done perusing Tom's page, check out the rest of Chuck Anderson's The Old Corral, a great website for classic western stars!)

A loving tribute to the sci-fi film classic!  Includes a bio page on Frankie and everyone else involved in the movie!

This page has some interesting information and photos about Frankie's part in Forbidden Planet.

A direct link to the 1920's page of child stars photos

A site for this well-known movie film location where at least two of
Frankie's serials were shot!

Many of Frankie's movies can be found for sale at the following online video stores (this is not an endorsement of these companies . . . some I have ordered from, some I have not.  The ones I have ordered from have all given excellent service):